Choose Equipoise® Esthetic Partial Dentures

Dentures for Comfort, Function, Peace-of-Mind

The Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, based on our research, is the only dental practice in Pittsburgh that offers the Equipoise® System of partial dentures.  Why is that? Because of Dr. Stephen M. Miller’s technical competency, command of cosmetic dentistry solutions, and experience in whole mouth reconstruction, which enable Dr. Miller and his colleagues to offer superior solutions to everyday, admittedly painful, dental problems to replace diseased or missing teeth. One solution:  The Equipoise® System of partial dentures.

In dentistry, a partial denture is a “removable” prosthesis that has been produced as a replacement for missing teeth.  But precisely because partials are removable, they can be a problem for some partial denture wearers.  They can be ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and limiting when it comes to mastication or chewing force.  They can even pop out of place.  And because they can be seen by their metal hooks and clasps, patients often feel self-conscious or hesitant.  One way to solve for missing teeth, of course, includes the placement of [dental implants], those tiny titanium roots and posts that hold a crown in place and serve as tooth replacements, but unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for dental implants.  So partial dentures offer our patients another option.

The Equipoise® System of partial dentures is considered the “complete removable restorative dental system.”*  It has been designed to be minimally invasive.  And, by capitalizing on the laws of physics, it also redistributes the force in such a way as to be the least detrimental to the gums and jaw.  The benefits of the Equipoise® System include:

  • Discrete – No unsightly metal hooks or clasps
  • Comfort – Distributes force and pressure across the entire dental arch
  • Stability – Stays securely in place
  • Aesthetics – Naturally appearing and attractive
  • Affordability – An affordable option for most patients

All of these benefits culminate in this one:  Better overall health and wellness and heightened personal confidence.  If you have a dental partial—or think you might need one—then call the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry at 412-681-7171 and make an appointment to see Dr. Miller.  You can also request an appointment through this website.