Meet Us: Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry

Welcome to the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry! Serving the Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities for over 35 years, our practice offers patients all-encompassing oral health care that spans traditional general dentistry, cosmetic and restorative treatments, and, with our on-site periodontist, Dr. Charu Chandra, surgical therapy and non-surgical treatments of periodontitis (gum disease).

Because of Dr. Stephen M. Miller’s technical expertise and credentials, he is frequently sought after for cosmetic dentistry and restorative treatments—and, in many cases, for a second opinion. But the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry also offers important general dentistry services such as:

Of course, the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry also offers cosmetic, restorative, and endodontic treatments.  In fact, our patients in Pittsburgh—and those who have traveled to the area—have sought out Dr. Miller and his team specifically for cosmetic, restorative or endodontic treatments to solve a dental problem, solicit a second opinion, enhance their smile, whiten their teeth, or improve the comfort of improperly fitting dentures, removable bridges or partials.  The Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry is the only practice in Pittsburgh offering Equipoise® Partials, which are more aesthetically appealing, secure, and comfortable than conventional partials, and the Inman Aligner™, which is the perfect product to help correct imperfectly aligned front teeth and malocclusion in adults.  It’s fast, safe, and affordable.

Our practice is easy to access in Oakland, the heart of the medical epicenter of Pittsburgh, and includes in-building parking with reduced pricing for your convenience. 

The Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry is a fee-for-service practice that is untethered to insurance and thus, allows Dr. Miller to make treatment recommendations and to provide care as he deems appropriate to each and every patient.  The practice accepts all major credit cards for payment; CareCredit®, a healthcare credit card specially designed for healthcare needs; and personal checks.  Please call our office at 412-681-7171, if you have questions about payment methods or about financing your dental care.  Taking good care of your teeth now will stave off dental disease—and unplanned costs later.