Dental Fillings: A Great Value

Dental fillings are almost as diverse as the colors of the rainbow.  There are gold fillings, silver amalgam, lifelike composite resin, and even glass tooth-colored ionomer fillings.  Each type of filling has a purpose unique to itself, but at the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we prefer composite resin fillings—and so do our patients.

Composite fillings, which are composed of synthetic resins or polymers, have been adopted by the dental industry and the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, as a filling material to restore the natural function and appearance to teeth damaged by dental caries, decay, or trauma, for three reasons:

  • Composite resins or “tooth-colored fillings” closely match the natural tooth coloration and, in addition, possess light-reflecting properties, so they look, feel, and act like naturally occurring teeth.
  • Composite fillings are sturdy enough to withstand chewing force, which can be as high as much 200 pounds of pressure per square inch, without failing.
  • Composite fillings, because of their translucency, are a superior choice for the front teeth and for fillings exposed near the gum line, but they can be also used for fillings in the back teeth because they are both hidden from view and yet highly functional.

Because composite fillings are composed of synthetic resins, they also require more skill and proficiency on the part of the dentist to successfully place a filling into a tooth.  At the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, all we do are composite fillings.  Our patients prefer them to amalgams and our dentists, Dr. Stephen M. Miller has both extensive experience and technical command to expertly place composite fillings.  

Finally, because composite fillings require more technique, they also require more time and can be, therefore, a bit more costly than conventional silver amalgam fillings. But in our practice we believe the end result merits the investment:  Natural looking teeth with the beauty, function, and durability of original teeth. And for that reason, our patients won’t settle for anything less.

To schedule an examination, professional cleaning or composite filling with Dr. Miller, call the Miller Center for Comprehensive Dentistry at 412-681-717.  Or request an appointment through this website.